Match Report

Goons Away!!!

A first league double over the old enemy since the 1995-1996 season was the objective, a time in which George Graham was the manager in N5, kind of shows how long its been to long, this was the time to amend those wrongs the day of reckoning was amongst us.  We were now better than them, im only twenty-two yet I have witnessed first hand arsenal winning the league at white hart lane, scoring for fun and generally taking the piss out of us albeit only on the football pitch, any true gooner will tell you there is a no shirt rule when they come down to N17 , this is the time of change the power shift they hadn’t beaten us in the league in the last six meetings between the clubs and we had sealed all three points in the corresponding fixture last season even giving them a 2-0 head start that day was pure ecstasy. I thought right same routine again then why change a winning formula, I was being joined at the game not by my normal away day and fellow Lillywhite Rose Blogger, Daniel as he had decided it couldn’t beat last seasons game and fair play to him it probably couldn’t, but for me there is something about this game the scum away, I live for it if it even if it was played every two weeks and I knew it was unlikely we would ever win, I would still shell out £51 a go to get down there, and support the boys. This was the first time since a 2005 pre season against FC Porto that I would be joined by my twin cusions (a 2-0 win and Edgar David’s debut) I let them know the itinerary for the day starting bright and early in Weatherspoons , Wood Green.

soon as we walked through the door it was like a scene out of 300, a hundred  – two hundred spurs fans singing there hearts out  a particular favorite of one of my cousin Hugh was “ What do we think of arsenal ……..SHIT…..what do we think of shit ……..Arsenal” .  You know you have been to too many away games when you’re getting recognized by people you saw getting arrested in Milan 9 hours before kick off  “easy bruv what’s happening “ . To the bar and six pints were ordered you could see where this was going…. We were in the pub for just over an hour and piled onto the train with all the other spurs fans the train journey was in one word noisy it was like being at Rio Carnival, I was banging the top of the roof of the train and dust was pouring all over us we didn’t care we were loving it! My new favorite spurs away day tune was being bellowed at the top of our voices to the tune of The Proclaimers 500 miles  “Cause he will shoot from 40yards and he will score from 40yards against the arsenal scum KYLE WALKER, kyle walker, KYLE WALKER, kyle walker  la la la la la la la la la “. 

We all piled of at Finsbury Park mixing with the goners and there was no letting of. Maybe it was to do with the large quantity of alcohol consumed but I was really going for it now in the tight packed little passages of the underground we were taking the piss in there manor we reached the top of the escalators all the goons were there and I went for it “YID ARMYYYYY” it was followed by 50 others the response from the goons was embarrassing to say the least Nothing!!!  you could hear a pin drop it was like sitting in the silent room at the library this was there cup final they have nothing more to play for, we goaded them at every opportunity “Your seasons over and you’ve won fuck all” . I upon reaching the stadium was called over by a policeman on a horse to tell me to calm down, as a fan and regular user of Ricky Gervais One liners “ I head butted a horse once” this wasn’t the time, he let me get on my way only too call me back 10 seconds later to have another pop, my other cousin Peter found this very amusing and was getting his phone out to film the whole event. Finding out seats in the stadium and the shock team news was filtering through Kranjcar and Saha starting at the expense of Lennon, and a man who loves North London Derbies as much as me Rafa Van Der Vaart, I couldn’t believe this even a half fit VDV, has to be started against this lot he will get through and give a top performance on adrenaline alone. We started brightly and got amongst them Ade being booed vigorously turned a defender just in side there half and spotted Saha driving through the middle, sprayed a perfectly ball through to him and with a bit of luck and a deflection it had slowly but beautifully crept over the line we didn’t care Louis Saha had sent the away end into Raptures the stewards were struggling to hold us back this is why I was here 4mins on the clock and we were 0-1 up!!. 

Even the ref appeared to celebrate a little as the ball went in, a ref who Arsenal had not won in the previous 11 games he had officiated a fact known in side the walls of the Emirates . We were under the kosh from then on though as they sprayed the ball around at will we didn’t really settle, but then Bale was played through and decided to perform a 10/10 Olympic dive and the spot kick after some deliberation was awarded im still incensed though that as there keeper you know the big mouth one always mouthing of about spurs had been adjudged to pull down Gaz, why wasn’t the red card pulled out and seen him shown his marching orders?? I could see Adebayor standing over the ball I thought please no I was having memories of Robbie Keane in the same goal missing, but this man didn’t he coolly drove in his 12th goal of the season to the right of the keeper

it was like all 3,500 spurs fans in the stadium had one the lottery I was hugging and kissing every body in sight looking up and laughing at the goons sitting above us the pizza box seats were being broken for fun and being waved around, why didn’t the match stop here, need I do a review of what went on after a complete disgrace of a performance why didn’t we hold it till half time, we went in 2-2.

Hugh as he was driving home later in the day opted for a £7.50 ham sandwich to try and sober up a little me and peter put away another two pints at the interval.

The second half kicked of and on came Sandro Ranieri and Rafael Van Der Vaart for Niko Kranjcar and Goal scorer Louis Saha to try to give our midfield a little more protection from what was happening in the first half with their three-man midfield over running us. I’m not even going to discuss what happened it has already been so enough and it just upsets me one talking point however was Ledley, for the first time looked of the

pace this is bad news and I hope he just wasn’t really up for it on the day and it’s not a longer term issue.  Most fans would be annoyed at Scotty Parker for picking up his second yellow card for clinically going into one of their players, and thus being ruled out of the huge game against United next week, but how can I blame a guy where if I had been on the pitch I would have done so a lot earlier and he showed some passion LEGEND!.  We stayed till the end anyhow and darted of out of the ground as the full-time whistle was being blown, I just wanted to leave before all the goons from Woolwich started goading us me being an idiot decided not to bring a coat with me thus only wearing my spurs shirt for everyone to see and every goon have the opportunity to have a go, we had to walk past 3 or four pubs with abuse being thrown and there it was there famous twelve pins about 500 of them outside my cousin shouted now’s the time to have big balls as I walked past every obscenity under the sun was being thrown my way and about 15 quid in change I still opted to pat the spurs badge towards them as I got down into Finsbury park  there will always be next season and don’t forget were seven points clear and were on our way to Wembley keep the faith COYS!!!!!


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