Keep the Faith – What came first the Tottenham or the misery?

Following our latest set back I’ve been compelled to awaken from my recent blog-writing slumber and write some general musings on our current situation. After much thought and varying emotions it’s probably the right time.

Arsenal hurt…alot…had it not been my girlfriend’s birthday I’m pretty sure a pathetic, alcohol induced crying spree would still be going on. Man U, as frustrating though it was, it was also as predictable as a 7 minute period of stoppage time when Man U are trailing one-nil at Old Trafford. A disallowed goal, periods of dominance but an inability to score and clinical United finishing are all hallmarks of Spurs v Man U games in recent years.

But it is the Everton game that has us worried the most. It’s unclear whether complacency has set in or whether that Man City game just knocked us for 6. This can be said for both Harry and the players. We have simply not been the same since tactically or mentally. Barring the Newcastle match, we have lacked  fluidity, creativeness and most of all passion, all crucial hallmarks of our game pre-slump.

Now this is not an early ‘Sack Harry’/’Let England Have Him’ call to arms as we have already heard on 5 live, which is by the way a blight on football. Instead I’d argue that it’s a ‘Come on boys do you not remember those nights at the San Siro?’/’Do you really want to go to Rubin Kazan on a Thursday night?’ I suggested on Saturday night that someone should show the players a highlights package of last seasons Champions League but thinking about it I think Harry and the coaching staff need to sit in too. Lets be honest, the tactics have been all wrong, a complete miss mash with no structure. Unless we play a simple 4-4-2 with wide players (in their proper positions might I add i.e. Bale hasn’t got a right foot and is devastating on the left so play him on the bloody left) we are completely impotent; the Wolves back four has more structure than our midfield at the moment. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, of course there isn’t but the experiment of Bale on the right and playing 3 ‘fluid’ central midfielders has been tried and tested and subsequently failed for about 2 months now. And lets not even mention Harry’s terrible substitutions which have been our worst kept secret for some time now.

We are no longer talking about the title; we are now talking about whether we will even keep 3rd place which, up until a few weeks ago had looked a certainty. Indeed, my head is telling me to Keep the Faith, move that finger away from the panic button, we’ve got ‘arry. However, my heart and it’s mid/late 90’s Tottenham core pressed it when van Persie scored Arsenal’s second. Now the finger has turned into a whole fist which has broken the dashboard as well as the button.

Keep the Faith I keep telling myself. We’ve got Redknapp, Levy and the best Tottenham team you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. We are no longer in the days where you pray for Chris Armstrong to get into double figures (accepting all competitions, including friendlies). No, we have Bale, Modric, Walker, van der Vaart, Super Scotty Parker and Ledley on half a leg. Yes, we still have Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Gomes (apparently) but we still are very, very good, certainly good enough for a Champions League place if not better. Yet, I’m a Tottenham fan, and a 90’s one at that. We are seemingly born with an unrivalled brand of pessimism, the kind where we start drawing up a pre-season Plan Z for Klinsmann to come back if we get into really serious trouble. The kind of pessimism which stems from sitting in the end where I saw all 8 goals in THAT 5-3 loss to Man U, a match that will require counselling sometime in the future.

One of our friends constantly asks how we as Tottenham fans can be so depressed about supporting a team who are 3rd in the league and I am always unable to answer, purely for the reason there isn’t a logical explanation, results based explanation. Maybe we are just unhappy people who have a similar gloomy outlook on our footballing life. Maybe I have just surrounded myself which fellow pessimists, surely all clubs have them? However, I don’t think this is the case; I have rarely met a truly happy Tottenham fan and I think I perversely like that. Nick Hornby (a gooner but everyone has their faults) once wrote ‘what came first, the music or the misery?’ I ask myself a similar thing on a regular basis, what came first, the Tottenham or the misery? I have a feeling they are completely one and the same.

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